Flintoff & Dunn's AUSTRALIAN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL is the product of a partnership between Melbourne baseball (sport) fanatics Peter Flintoff and Adrian Dunn. 
It derives from a computer database originally developed by Peter Flintoff as Historian for the Melbourne Reds Club. 
"Flintoff & Dunn" have jointly produced the AUSTRALIAN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL DATABASE that is the data source for the publications featured on this site. (Also available on CD-ROM... for more information,
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Peter Flintoff is a "typical Melbourne sports fanatic" and a devoted supporter of Victorian / Australian baseball, particularly as Historian for the former Melbourne Reds ABL club. 
Also a computer software developer, Peter has specialised in producing sports database software, including AFL and NBL Player databases. 

Peter invited Adrian Dunn to participate in the production of the AUSTRALIAN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL DATABASE during the early part of the 1996/97 season. These publications are the culmination of the "Flintoff & Dunn" partnership.

Peter Flintoff is also the creator and administrator of this web site, so if you would like to provide any suggestions and/or request links to this site, PLEASE contact me.

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Adrian Dunn was an award winning journalist in racing, harness racing, football and baseball with Melbourne's HERALD-SUN Newspaper, but baseball is his great passion. 
The HERALD-SUN is Australia's leading daily newspaper with over 1.5million readers daily.

Adrian was keen to participate in the development of the database, but also saw further opportunities to utilise the database by producing printed material like Media Guides and these Flintoff & Dunn's AUSTRALIAN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL publications.

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Flintoff & Dunn's AMLB would not be as close to achieving our aim to be "the definitive source of statistics and reference material for Australian major league baseball" without the magnificent contributions of our very good friend and official auditor Peter Wood.

Peter has given up literally thousands of hours over the past few years scrutinising, checking and re-checking our statistics; providing many improvements to our database. In addition, Peter has also provided plenty of valuable suggestions that we have used to help improve the overall concept and presentation of the book.

In recognition of his efforts and his depth of knowledge about AMLB and its players, Flintoff & Dunn have asked Peter to join our panel for selection of our ALL-STAR TEAMS and HALL-OF-FAME. Peter continues to be a leading contributor to these selections each year.