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Here is an update of what some Aussies and former AMLB imports have been doing in the US major leagues:

Grant Balfour
The 2010 season lasted just one day longer for Aussie pitcher GRANT BALFOUR than it did for compatriot Peter Moylan after his Tampa Bay Rays were eliminated 1-5 in the deciding game of their ALDS by the Texas Rangers. The most remarkable thing about this series was that all five games were won by the visiting team as the Rangers won the first playoff series in the history of the franchise. At least Balfour ended his own season on a positive note with another solid scoreless inning which game his team the chance to stay in the contest. Taking over for the top of the seventh, Grant had Bengie Molina pop out to the first baseman on his first pitch, he struck out Mitch Moreland swinging and he erased Elvis Andrus who grounded out to the short stop. He threw six of eight pitches for strikes and you could ask no more than that! After a late season injury Balfour could be well pleased with another fine season overall, even though his team may have fallen short of their own expectations.
Here is an update of what some Aussies and former AMLB imports have been doing in the US major leagues:

Peter Moylan
This 2010 major league post season will never be the fondest career memory for Australia's workhorse reliever PETER MOYLAN who really did not deserve such a painful end to this baseball season after his sterling efforts definitely helped the Braves to make the playoffs. For the second day running our Pete was the victim of a defensive misfire that might have seen him on the hero side of the ledger instead of, in this case, suffering a blown save. Moylan was the unfortunate man on the hill when the San Francisco Giants tied the game in what was to be a 2-3 loss and NLDS series elimination for his Atlanta Braves. As often Moylan was the man Bobby Cox entrusted with a knife-edge situation with bases loaded and just one out in the top of the seventh, with his team clinging to a precarious 2-1 lead. On a two-two count Juan Uribe slapped an infield grounded just marginally wide of smooth fielding short stop Alex Gonzalez who gloved the ball but his throw to second base dragged the fielder from the bag and all runners were safe on the error while the tying run crossed the plate. It is problematical and maybe unlikely that the fielder's choice play to second may have resulted in an inning ending double-play, but it probably would have prevented the Giants from scoring the go-ahead and winning run later in the same inning after Pete had departed.
For what it's worth Moylan threw three of his five pitches for strikes while pitching 0.0ip 0h 0er 0bb 0k (0.00ERA). Sadly his team does not advance in the post season this year and they were unable to keep the career of popular manager Bobby Cox alive for any longer!
Here is an update of what some Aussies and former AMLB imports have been doing in the US major leagues:

Grant Balfour

Peter Moylan

Australian flame thrower GRANT BALFOUR certainly enjoyed his post season outing yesterday much more than his unfortunate compatriot Peter Moylan, who we will discuss later. Grant was in the thick of the action, pitching a most effective 1.2ip 1h 0er 0bb 0k (0.00ERA) to keep his Tampa Bay Rays headed for a series levelling 5-2 win over the Texas Rangers. Grant took over in the bottom of the sixth inning with one on and one out and he quickly snared the second out when he had Bengie Molina line out to left field. He was unable to strand the inherited runner when Mitch Moreland battled through a full count to lash a RBI double into right field. 'Balf' ended the sixth by inducing Elvis Andrus to ground out to the short stop. With a blank slate to start the seventh, Balfour made short work of Michael Young, who lined out to the first baseman, Josh Hamilton, who grounded out to first, and Vladimir Guerrero who popped out to first. His seven pitch inning saw all three outs made by the first sack minder. That was enough for this game.

On face value PETER MOYLAN could have been classed as the villain when he was part of the Atlanta Braves final inning collapse in their 2-3 loss to the visiting San Francisco Giants. However, for those who saw the game as I did on replay, he could have been one of the heroes if not for a horrible defensive lapse that saw the go-ahead and winning run scored while Pete was on the hill. To set the scene (and Braves fans can turn away now!) Atlanta had just grasped a dramatic 2-1 lead in the bottom of the eighth on Eric Hinske's pinch hit two-run home run and Turner Field was throbbing with just three outs needed for another uplifting playoff victory. Two of Moylan's bullpen partners had contrived to allow the Giants to tie the game in the top of the ninth before Pete was summoned to secure the final out of star rookie catcher Buster Posey. In all too familiar fashion he induced the tailor made ground ball to the second baseman but, tragically, the ball was hit to unfamiliar second baseman Brooks Conrad. Conrad has been a very useful pinch hitter for Atlanta this year, but he is not a great gloveman and he would not have been playing defensively if not for the injuries to infielders Chipper Jones and Martin Prado. As those annoying baseball gods always seem to insist, the ball tends to find suspect fielders and, quite horribly, Conrad suffered the embarrassment of seeing that game winning hit, sorry error, squirt between his legs... OUCH! Peter Moylan had done his job perfectly but his 0.0ip 0h 0er 0bb 0k (0.00ERA) came to nothing for his team this time. Neither he nor Brooks Conrad had much to smile about when the dust had settled.
Here is an update of what some Aussies and former AMLB imports have been doing in the US major leagues:

Grant Balfour

Peter Moylan

Australia's own GRANT BALFOUR was on the bump for the Tampa Bay Rays on the opening day of the 2010 post season. Grant pitched a scoreless top of the ninth inning with 1.0ip 1h 0er 0bb 0k (0.00ERA) for the Rays but his conclusive seven pitch effort was to little effect as his team was already destined to a 1-5 home defeat by the Texas Rangers. His first pitch induced Jorge Cantu to ground out to the short stop, then his fourth pitch was punched into right field by Bengie Molina for a one out single. Three pitches later Balfour was out of the inning when he got Elvis Andrus to ground into a double play initiated by the third baseman. Five of his seven pitches were thrown for strikes.

Aussie PETER MOYLAN was also in action to open the NLDS, pitching a brief 0.1ip 0h 0er 0bb 0k (0.00ERA) for the Atlanta Braves in their 0-1 defeat by the San Francisco Giants. Pete was asked to get the first out in the bottom of the eighth and he obliged by inducing Freddy Sanchez to ground out to the first baseman with his second sinking pitch. That was all for him on this day.
Here is an update of what some Aussies and former AMLB imports have been doing in the US major leagues:

Peter Moylan

Trent Oeltjen

Brad Thomas

Grant Balfour

Australia's "Mr.Reliable" PETER MOYLAN notched his 20th and 21st holds of the year over the past two days. Yesterday he nailed No.21 with a decisive 0.2ip 0h 0er 0bb 1k (2.97ERA) as his Atlanta Braves beat the Florida Marlins 5-1. Pete entered this game with two on and two out in the top of the sixth and he was very "nasty" while striking out Brad Davis on a wicked slider. He then got Ozzie Martinez to ground out to the third baseman to start the seventh before handing over the ball. In this game his battery mate DAVID ROSS (MLB All-Stars 2001) was also brilliant with 3-4 (.289) with a run batted in.
Australia's PETER MOYLAN didn't have to do a lot to amass his 20th hold of the year the previous day and he even allowed a rare home run while pitching 0.1ip 1h 1er 0bb 0k (3.00ERA) for the Atlanta Braves in their 3-2 win over the Florida Marlins. I saw a replay of Pete's "down and in" pitch to powerful "Popeye arms" Dan Uggla that he literally golfed over the left field fence just inches inside the left foul pole. That was the lead off hitter in the top of the eighth, then he followed up by getting Gaby Sanchez to pop out to the short stop to end his stint on the hill.

Yesterday Australian star TRENT OELTJEN walked no less than three times to do his job as the leadoff hitter for the Los Angeles Dodgers who sneaked past the Colorado Rockies 7-6. While also starting at left field Trent began by milking a four pitch walk to open the game facing Jhoulys Chacin, then he earned another four pitch walk from the same pitcher with one on and two out in the top of the third. Not content with the free passes via walks, Oeltjen led off the fifth with Chacin hitting him with a pitched ball from which he later scored. He almost walked again to lead off the fifth when he battled a full count before being struck out swinging by Franklin Morales. To finish with his fourth time on base, he earned another two out walk in the ninth after six pitches from Matt Daley and another full count. He batted 0-1 (.238) and he scored a couple of vital runs in the game.
The previous day he batted 0-2 in the Dodgers 9-7 win over the 'Rox'. Coming into the game to play left field during the bottom of the seventh, he was asked to sacrifice bunt with a runner aboard and none out in the eighth but he unfortunately popped out to the catcher. Trent got another at bat in the top of the ninth but on this occasion he fanned to end the inning.

Aussie BRAD THOMAS again did nothing wrong when he produced 3.0ip 1h 0er 0bb 3k (3.95ERA) for the Detroit Tigers to hold the fort at the end of their 0-4 shutout defeat by the Cleveland Indians. Brad took over in the bottom of the sixth where he had Luis Valbuena ground out to the second baseman, followed by a single up the middle from Luke Carlin. He stitched up that inning by getting Michael Brantley to line out to the centre fielder and then striking out Asdrubal Cabrera swinging. In the bottom of the seventh he got Shin-Soo Choo to strike out swinging, Travis Hafner to line out to the second baseman and Matt LaPorta to fly out to right field. Thomas notched his eighth successive out in the bottom of the eighth when he had Trevor Crowe ground out to the short stop, Andy Marte ground out to third and Luis Valbuena struck out swinging. It was a most effective effort in a fruitless cause.

Yesterday our own GRANT BALFOUR pitched a useful 0.2ip 1h 0er 0bb 0k (2.33ERA) for the Tampa Bay Rays who were shut out 0-2 by the strong finishing Baltimore Orioles. Grant took over in the top of the eighth and he got Cesar Izturis to ground out to the first baseman before allowing an infield single to Corey Patterson. He then got Ty Wiggington to fly out to centre field to conclude his contribution for the day. Opposing starter KEVIN MILLWOOD (Melbourne Monarchs 1997) enjoyed a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak season when he earned his fourth win of the year with a masterly 7.0ip 2h 0er 3bb 7k. He took his record to 4-16, 5.10ERA.

VERNON WELLS (Sydney Storm 1999) batted 2-4 (.275) for the Toronto Blue Jays who doubled the New York Yankees 8-4. The previous game he batted 1-4 (.273) in the Blue Jays 1-6 loss to the Yanks.

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