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Here is an update of what some Aussies and former AMLB imports have been doing in the US major leagues:

Grant Balfour
Hyper-aggressive Aussie closer GRANT BALFOUR found himself in the baseball headlines today for one of the right reasons and, perhaps, one wrong reason. First and foremost, Balfour channelled his renowned aggression to lock down the save for the Oakland Athletics in Game 3 of their American League Division Series with a 6-3 win over the dormant Detroit Tigers. He shut down the bottom of the ninth with a typically decisive 1.0ip 0h 0er 1bb 1k with 21 pitches thrown. Pitching to a highly experienced part of the Tigers lineup, he had Victor Martinez line out to right field and struck out Jhonny Peralta on a full count before Alex Avila fought back from a 0-2 count to walk on four straight balls. There was no further action after Grant had Omar Infante fly out to right field to end the controversial game.
It was when the demonstrative Aussie was pitching to veteran leadoff batter Victor Martinez that the game almost exploded with Balfour blamed for causing the problem due to his loud "bad language" that he often uses to motivate himself. It was reported that a player poll earlier this season voted that Balfour has "the filthiest mouth in the major leagues". Apparently Martinez took something personally and, after giving the "death stare" to our pitcher, Grant invited him to join him on the mound for a dance or two! Players from both teams emptied the benches as a brawl threatened but, as often, nothing really ensued.
In cases like this winners are grinners - that would be Grant Balfour and the Oakland As on this occasion.
Here is an update of what some Aussies and former AMLB imports have been doing in the US major leagues:

Kevin Kiermaier
Major League Baseball devotees would all be aware that the regular season spans a traditional 162 games - they would also be aware that the 2013 season has produced a rare "Wildcard Pre-Playoff" that is treated as the 163rd game, rather than a post season game. It is now history that this "first of a kind" game resulted in a 5-2 away victory for the Tampa Bay Rays who eliminated the Texas Rangers in their own Arlington back yard. As I was watching the game heading towards its conclusion, my attention was immediately awakened in the bottom of the ninth with the announcement of a defensive replacement for the Rays at centre field. The player making his major league debut was none other than former ABL import KEVIN KIERMAIER (Canberra Cavalry 2012) who didn't see much action - but he did become the fifth player of the modern ABL era to reach the majors - and in such an uncommon game!
Unfortunately this fact will not be recorded in 'Flintoff & Dunn's' 2013 ALMANAC because it went to the printers after the 162nd game! Hopefully he will feature again in the future.

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