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** NEW SAMPLE 2003: PLAYER PROFILES & Statistics for Australia's US Pro Players
From 2003 Flintoff & Dunn aim to publish the recent statistics for Australia's Players in the US Professional Leagues along with specific profile text written by Adrian Dunn about their Pro careers in the USA.

SAMPLE 1: The main feature of our books - the PLAYER PROFILES
A feature of every Flintoff & Dunn publication is our comprehensive profile of every position player and pitcher to have appeared in Australian major league baseball.

SAMPLE 2: Our numerous TOP10 & TOP20 Statistical List Leaders
Another feature of every Flintoff & Dunn publication is our complete set of TOP10 & TOP20 Lists relating to every traditional baseball statistic that you can think of, plus a few new ones unique to our publications!

Another feature of every Flintoff & Dunn publication is our "at a glace" wrap-up of each AMLB season with final tables, award winners, All-Stars, Championship players etc.

SAMPLE 4: Post Season Game Scoresheets
Another feature of every Flintoff & Dunn publication are Summary Scoresheets for every post season game in Australian major league baseball history.

SAMPLE 5: AMLB Evergreens
From our 1999 publication "AUSTRALIAN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL - The First 10 Years" we intend to provide recognition for the stalwarts of AMLB with Flintoff & Dunn's tribute to our AMLB Evergreens.

SAMPLE 6: Flintoff & Dunn's ALL-STARS
Quite different from the ABL's original All-Star team selections, Flintoff & Dunn commenced selection of our own All-Star teams from 1997/98 with our unique ALL-AUSTRALIAN & ALL-IMPORT All-Star teams.

SAMPLE 7: Flintoff & Dunn's HALL-OF-FAME
A sample page from Flintoff & Dunn's AMLB Hall-Of-Fame that appear in every Edition: 
Featuring NOW - David Nilsson