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HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO 'Flintoff & Dunn'

Now folks, you didn't really think that your "easy going" friends at 'Flintoff & Dunn' would make it difficult or costly for you to become a SUBSCRIBER, as we call it, did you?

Let's get this out of the way immediately... it is ENTIRELY FREE OF COST!

What we do want is to collect names and addresses (postal and/or e-mail) of people who are interested in our products and who might then like to take advantage of our discounted prices. 

Our existing SUBSCRIBERS would all realise that 'Flintoff & Dunn' are far from brilliant at marketing our products, but we also know that people who do purchase any of our products are impressed. We are quite happy to let the quality of our products "sell themselves" and we only want to make sure that we can offer genuine baseball people in Australia something of tangible value.

In short, anyone who willingly supplies us their name and contact details for our database is AUTOMATICALLY registered as a SUBSCRIBER under our terms and they are entitled to purchase products at the SPECIAL SUBSCRIBER PRICES from your VERY FIRST PURCHASE!

In doing so you are also giving us permission under Australian contact and e-mail "Privacy Laws" to send you some of our advertising material from time to time, generally not more than THREE times per year, which is done entirely with NO OBLIGATION to make additional (or any) purchases. 

We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE you that we do not have the time or the temerity to pass your contact details onto anybody else!

'Flintoff & Dunn' maintain this "FREE ACCESS" web site as our contribution to Australian baseball, but we do not mail or e-mail any other regular information to SUBSCRIBERS, or anyone else.

If you would like to become a SUBSCRIBER (by providing your contact details), OR if you would like to be removed from our Subscriber database for any reason, just click here.

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